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Delta Plus - Products

What does the regulation say ?
Areas with explosive atmospheres like “ATEX” and the protection of workers from the risk of explosion are regulated by Directive 1999/92/EC. The use of “ESD” qualified shoes, able to dissipate electrostatic charges, is recommended in these areas as part of a comprehensive system for preventing the risk of explosion.
Requirements for the design and implementation of electrostatic discharge control devices (ESD) devices that can damage electronic components are defined by standard EN61340-5-1. The device called “ESD” must offer a resistance between 10⁵ Ω and 3.5 10⁷ Ω. To be usable in an ESD device, a shoe must at least be qualified according to the EN61340-4-3 standard and offer a resistance lower than 10⁸ Ω and greater than 10 ⁵ Ω, then it is dissipative.
SAULT2 ESD and VIAGI ESD are particularly powerful as they have not only reached a maximum resistance of between 10⁵ Ω and 3.5 10⁷ Ω, but these tests have been carried out under very demanding conditions: the number 1 class of climatic environment (high drought : 15% humidity level).
Thanks to their low level of resistance, SAULT2 ESD and VIAGI ESD are a particularly powerful element of the overall earthing system (gloves, clothing, floor mats, seats, etc…).
Thus, their performance helps this system achieve the level of resistance required for compliance.


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