Wear Saree below or above Navel?

Wearing saree above or below navel

Is it better to wear the saree below or above your navel?

It’s your choice, though I will talk about my preferences.

Why should you wear the saree below your navel?

You’ll look sexy.. You will still be wearing a saree, BUT your navel will be showing. Boys will get the “navel fetish” and you’ll get a lot of attention. Believe me, boys prefer a Girl wearing the saree below the navel like this –

Wearing saree above or below navel

If your looking for a partner/ boyfriend, this trick will especially work. Many boys will fall for you, and “bing”, in an instance you got a boyfriend.

If you already have a boyfriend, he would be looking forward to moving your pallu, and passionately kissing your navel softly.

BUT before wearing the saree below your navel, make sure you can reply to these commonly asked questions and thoughts.

  1. Are you sure you want to show off your skin?
  2. You aren’t wearing a saree properly!
  3. Don’t you even know how to wear a saree?
  4. Don’t you know how Indian culture works?
  5. What dress is this?

Make sure you have an answer to those questions. If you do, a navel saree is perfect for you.

BUT, you shouldn’t wear a saree below the navel at certain times from my experience.

  1. Visiting close relatives.
  2. Visiting the temple.

And that’s about it ^

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